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Brainbook consists of a multi-disciplinary team with various backgrounds all of which have been directly involved in the Dyslexia world be that personal experience or professional.



BrainbookLiveBrainbook has recently built a social network for Dyslexia focusing on a ‘drive for change’ in a political sense, giving the opportunity for people to get specialist support and whilst at the same time sharing their personal experiences of Dyslexia. See www.brainbooklive.com for more and if you want to contact us directly with a quicker response use the group titled “Brainbook Live Group” and post anything you want inside that group.




BrainbookLearnVers2We have just started www.brainbooklive.org (soon to be www.brainbooklearn.com) which is going to be a e-learning platform just for Dyslexics. This will provide support throughout education from primary to secondary to university level and even life skills. Of course there will be mentors & tutors ready to help throughout.




BrainBookDyslexiaToolboxlogoOur first app ‘DyslexiaToolbox’ (click image to link to iTunes) is currently only available for iOS and is being developed for Android and Windows (including desktop). Dyslexia Toolbox is an innovative app designed to be based the user rather than the user basing themselves around the app. It is very good for ‘Irlen Syndrome’ as it changes colours of websites including the fonts (it has OpendDyslexia built in) and we have made it so you can import text via OCR (Optical Character Recognition or copy and paste into the app for better reading.  – Download now to find out how it works!






We feel that as Dyslexic people are creative, innovative and intuitive, we thought why not innovative ourselves? Hence Brainbook was born and we have continued to develop ever since.



What is Dyslexia? See this short  TED-Ed video below to gain a quick insight.





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